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12 Steps involving a Shingle Roof Installation

Roof shingles are overlapping elements on a roof which are cut into different slacks and shapes, mostly rectangular.  Common materials involve cement, metal, plastic, wood, fibre and asphalt shingles. Replacement options involve having a new shingle roof or new shingles over and old one. The second option can save you a lot of time and money since you just carry out timely inspection, cover the old shingles with the new ones after they are cut and trimmed. However, when installing a new shingle roof certain steps need to be followed for better understanding of either fitting them yourself or hiring a contractor to do so.

  1. The size of the project matters a lot. The area of coverage is an important factor to consider. If you go for do it yourself approaches and feel comfortable in doing so a site inspection is necessary otherwise calling a contractor is suitable since a larger area can be covered by professionals.
  2. Line up an aluminum edge with the edge of the roof and make markings out of pencil to get an idea of the working space.
  3. Use a chalk immediately to snap a line between the marked points before losing sight of those points.
  4. Pull the drip edge down for about a half inch from the chalked line to create a gap.
  5. Nail the drip edge using nails.
  6. Repeat the same steps for all gabled ends.
  7. Lay out the chosen material’s roofing paper and nail it through.
  8. The next step is to layout the design for the shingles for which you tape the ends, starting from the bottom tape all the edges properly.
  9. Mark 12 inches up on the roof for the first batch of shingles, next shift to 5 inches. And do this for both the sides.
  10. On each 5 inch increment snap a straight line using chalk.
  11. Now snap vertical lines every 6 inches.
  12. Cut off 3 tabs on the shingle and install them now.

Installing a shingle roof demands a professional roofing expertise that should be done only through professionals.Always ask for a free quote before hiring any roofer.

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