things to know before isntalling new roof in michigan

7 things to know before installing a new roof in Michigan

One of the most important parts of the house is the roof as it plays a significant role in protecting the whole of the building. Installing a new roof can be both expensive and time consuming as one has to take into consideration several factors during this process. Since it will be a huge chunk of money being spent from your pocket, it is essential to grab advice from the professional roofers.

Often the homeowners would tend to overlook the need for a new roof installation; however it is important to take an action as soon as the following signs start to appear:

  • The roof has not been replaced for the past 20 to 25 years.
  • You are able to see a water leakage or water dripping through the roof.
  • There starts to appear missing or damaged shingles from the roof.
  • Sunlight begins to beam through the boards of the roof.
  • As soon as a roofing material starts to grow old it loses granules and moss will grow on the material.
  • Appearance of sagging in the roof.
  • Roofing material nearing their ends will spike your bill as they lose their energy efficiency deterring them from performing their main function.

Noticed any of the above signs? If you have then it’s a call for immediate action from downriver roofers MI.

Before opting for roof installation, it is important to take into consideration several factors:

  1.  Picking out the correct roofing material: choosing the right material for your new roof is of utmost importance as it will determine the life of your new roof. This does not only include choosing the material but also consider the price, efficiency and appearance. Living in a technologically advanced era, there are new materials evolving every now and then. In Michigan, one of the most common and economical types of material used is asphalt shingles as they are not only friendly on the pocket but also have a long lifespan. The expert roofing companies will advise the homeowners regarding the suitable roofing materials based on the client’s budget.
  1. Stripping away the old one or layering off: many of the homeowners want to save themselves from not only the high cost but also the mess that takes place during installation of the new roof. In order to do so some might want to opt for installing a new roof on top of the old one. According to Michigan weather there are chances of high winds hence it is recommended by the professionals to strip away the old shingles and install a new layer. Also by layering on top of the old shingles does not allow the roofer to resolve the underlying issues, it will highly be recommended to get rid of the old layer first. In case you already have two layers of shingles, it will be out of question to go for a third one as only two layers of roof on top of one another are allowed.
  1. Choosing the right company to do your job: more than half of the outcome of installing a new roof depends on the person performing the task. There are numerous roofing contractors within Michigan, make sure to choose reliable and efficient ones. Many professionals may work with just one kind of material for example some might just install rubber materials while others work with asphalt only. To rule out the instance of hiring unreliable roofers, getting references online and from friends can be helpful.
  1. It can be a noisy task: installing a new roof or replacing an old one does not only get messier but also louder. There will be a lot of hammering, scrapping and stripping causing all different kinds of sounds. Many of us will have elderly, babies and pets longing for silence to sleep, there will be no way out during this process. Therefore you should make the required arrangements before starting the work.
  1. Get a contract made: this is a very crucial factor and should be dealt with carefully. As soon as the home owners decide to hire a professional service, it is necessary to have all the discussions penned down in a form of contract. This should include the job to be done, costing, areas to be worked on, color of shingles, designs etc. The contract between the client and roofing company serves as a legal binding to avoid any inconvenience that might be caused later.
  1. Quality matters the most: no one wants to spend a thousand of bucks every now and then to fix the roof, not only is it costly but a tiresome project as a whole. It is thus essential to invest in good quality materials rather than bidding for a low one. Many roofing contractors will suggest materials according to your budget and may go up to as low as you want but this will deteriorate your roof in the long term. Always opt for good quality roofing material to enjoy the long lasting results.
  1. Don’t pay until the disposable material and nails are removed: once you have had the roof removed there will be an enormous amount of nails present everywhere in the yard, driveway etc. These nails can become a source of injury or may even cause a flat tire. To avoid any such instances, the roofing companies are to bring a gigantic magnetic wheel that will attract all the fallen off nails to get rid of them. The final payment should be made once this step is cleared by the roofers.

We understand that it sounds a tedious task but making the right choice with hiring a professional roofer is also important. Investing in a good roofer means you are giving your home added life and saving yourself from damage costs. Your roof makes your house a home so make the right decision in hiring a professional roofer to install your roof. We specialize in roof installations and repair, contact us and we will be there right away.

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