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How to maintain and repair asphalt shingles?

Construction itself is a very major investment and a roof system takes the larger chunk of that investment. It is very important that you get regular and thorough maintenance checks by a professional roofer to save that investment of yours. It needs to be carried out in every seasonal change to ensure longevity of the roof. When you get asphalt shingles they require regular care. You need to listen to the sounds that come from your roof since the shingles play a huge role in those sounds. With time these asphalt shingles get weakened and cause that sound. They need to be repaired timely otherwise water starts seeping in. Roof maintenance is not an easy job but time to time inspections and timely repairs can make your roof last longer saving you from a huge reinvestment.


To begin with ensure that you clean your roof on a weekly basis. Clean any debris, leaves or plantation that may be cluttering it. You can always hire a professional cleaner to do this for you with the right equipment. Once the cleaning is done make sure you do a thorough check up of the lights, ventilators and any kind of systems used on your roof for any repairs and cleaning. Summer is the best season for these and to carry out roof repairs since winters doesn’t leave many options. Clean away the gutters and make sure to pay special attention to the shingles while cleaning.

Roof inspection:

Get a thorough inspection done of your roof by a professional bi annually to avoid any bigger damages and to catch any small repairs in time. Watch out for any probable faults in the systems being used in the roof like the ventilation system. Watch out for any condensation in the attic or ice dams that could spot the issues. Fix the flashes and ensure the shingles are in the right place. Hire a professional roofer to carry out a detailed inspection and ask him to share a checklist for you too so you can monitor any changes at your level too. This will help avoid any bigger damages.


Get those loose, broken or missing shingles replaced before the winters. Get the holes filled up before the winter starts if found. A roofer should also replace the valley flashing if it seems to be not holding in place or has gotten loose which could in return affect the waterproofing. In case the shingles have become loose, your roofer might use cement and nails to replace metal flashings around the chimneys, roof vents etc. to avoid water seeping in. Get those sagging downspouts repaired by roofing cement or as recommended by the roofer to have no drainage issues. It is very important to carry out the repairs timely otherwise the damage doesn’t last till the roof but affects the whole structure.

Maintain a record:

Take pictures of the roof and the systems to have a cross reference to make when doing inspection at you own level. Keep a log of the inspections carried out so you know when it’s time for touch up and maintenance saving you from a bigger damage. The log also helps in keeping a track of all the maintenance work done so you know when it’s time to get it all replaced by a new roof. This will also help if you change your contracted roofing company

It is very important to make sure you hire the right company to carry out this job for you since it’s a huge investment. Seasonal maintenance is very important since weather changes affect the durability of the systems as well as the shingles. Cleaning and repairing needs to be done every season since some seasons like winters affect them more intensely and the snow causes quite some damage to the roof. It’s important to clean the debris of the trees to avoid any blockages in fall. Cut off any branches that clutter the roof and block the drains. Apply some moss-killer to avoid the fungal growth and kill away those in grown moss. In summers make sure the drains are checked and are not leaking otherwise water will drain in.

Why asphalt shingles are best for Michigan Homeowners?

They are the most economically affordable option available that can be customized by the owners. Various options of costs to choose from since each roof is made differently and has different specifications. There are many design and color options available as well.

Asphalt shingles can be easily installed. Installation and maintenance is the biggest issue when it comes to making the choice for your roof. Asphalt shingles are easy to install and grants you a roof on your head in lesser time as compared to other roofing solutions. Since their installation is easy, their maintenance is easy too. They have a higher uplift, with fewer leakage problems.

These shingles are environment friendly too since they can be recycled and cause no damage to the environment as well. There are dedicated companies now who work on their recycling ensuring only a few of these get to the environment. The scrap in the production is also recyclable.

They not only give you value for money but with time their life span has also increased. Installing a full roof with asphalt shingles increases the overall energy efficiency.  Their durability offers resistance against extreme weather conditions like storms, snow. They come with a vent that releases trapped air that could cause condensation.

Cost of asphalt shingles?

The average roof shingle price cost may vary from$3.20 – 3.40 per square foot, including materials and installation. Asphalt roof shingles are sold in bundles where there are three bundles per square and one square of roof area covers about 100 sq.ft. The number of bundles depends on the type of roof you have which varies. You can expect to pay $450 per square for the roof for a normal single family house which means around $6000 to $8000 for a typical 17 squares asphalt shingle roof project..

It is very important to make sure you hire the right roofing company MI to carry out this job for you since it’s a huge investment. Seasonal maintenance is very important since weather changes affect the durability of the systems as well as the shingles

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