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How to recover from a Roof Disaster? 3 Steps to follow

How Having a Roof Disaster Recovery Plan Can Help

Natural disasters may occur anytime in various forms and level of  intensity that homeowners should be ready in every season. Winter season is especially critical for homeowners as most of the damage occurs during that season. Your roof may reveal signs of damage due to ice dams on your roof. In case of emergency you will have to call roofer to fix your roof within no time. 

Plan and Implement Recovery strategy and quick fixes:

An effective recovery plan can help your home roof to recover quickly so your life can come on the normal track.

Its vital that you roof recovery strategy must include complete inner and outer inspection to find any signs of damage. This assessment will be helpful to get insurance claim for the damages on your roof. 

Certified Inspection

The first in your roofing job after the disaster will be of “Roof inspection” that will make you a report for your insurance company to pay for your claim.If company you are hiring is an insurance company certified then this will help you speed up the process and you will not have to wait any more to directly call insurance company because roofing company reports can be used to claim for the roof damage with quick processing and resolution.

Emergency Roof Repair Service:

Pro tip: Keep at least 4 to 5 nearest local roofer phone numbers saved on your phone so you can call for emergency roofing needs. Due to safety concerns for their staff, most roofers will not act but if you contact all available numbers which you already shortlisted as a certified and insured roofing company then there are chances that at least one will commit to reach at your side within an hour or less.

In tough weather conditions or storm may be some common reasons that would demand form you as a homeowner to get for emergency roof repair or recovery service to control the damage.In case of emergency your roof may involve following jobs:

  1. Your roofing emergency job may undergo the installation  or repair missing, buckled, or broken shingles.
  2. Roof Leaks around chimneys, skylights, pipes and vents may be needed at your home roof.
  3. There may be Attic ventilation issues,  or roof deterioration that can be fixed as an emergency to prevent further damage due to water intrusion.
  4. Structural problems and repairs due to fallen tree limbs or flying debris in storm weather which is normal in Michigan tough winter season.

Warning: Stay Away from so called  storm chasers or contractors, who will take advantage of your emergency needs. These unprofessional and unethical roofers  will deceive you by proposing lower costs and on the spot roof inspections which will increase the cost multiple times after the situation come to the normal track.

Repair or Replacement Estimate

Once your roof inspection is completed and your roof is at least secured temporarily then there is the time to get detailed estimate for the cost that can ensure the complete restoration of your roof for more years to come.It’s very vital for you to restore your home to the pre storm conditions. A professional roofer can better guide you if you need replacement or repair of your roof. Normally if more than 25% of your overall roof is damaged then your insurer will recommend you roof replacement. You can avail this mishap as an opportunity and upgrade your roof to make it more weather resistant to limit the future damage.

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While homeowners  cannot control the natural disaster situation and are helpless against tough weather conditions but they can minimize the damage if they plan and prepared to control such possibility. The above tips will be useful for homeowners to control and minimize the damage to the affordable level.

At twelve oaks Roofing, we can plan you a comprehensive recovery plan with certified reports acceptable to insurance company. 

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