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My roof is getting old – what should I do?

Undoubtedly, roof problems are a cause of significant expense and an obvious pain. It’s not anyone’s first choice to have, of course. There are a number of reasons for this sad incident which can result in either the cause or result of premature failure and reduced service life of low-slope roof systems. Unfortunately, roof maturity is not ignorable. These problems are inevitable as the roof ages, and without proper consultation with roofing experts and routine maintenance, these minor issues can become catastrophic.

Do you have blow-offs, tenting, reduced wind uplift resistance and billowing in your roofs? Don’t worry as you are not alone. A number of residential houses and buildings are facing these issues.

The first and foremost reason for these blow-offs is improperly installed flashing. Most affected are the hot bituminous roofs, where poorly attached flashing may cause open seams and laps and this leading to billowing. Secondly, insufficient fasteners in the base sheet during application and poor gravel embedment for both hot bituminous and torch-applied mod bit roof systems can also result in reduced wind resistance and billowing. Thirdly, if seams are inadequately cured on cold-applied mod bit systems then wind uplift resistance can be substantially reduced. Also, seams built with cold adhesives are of poor integrity unless the adhesives are cured. If these seams are exposed to wind and rain, then wind uplift can badly destroy the roof membrane. Moreover, moisture can also infiltrate the roof system. Lastly, if the roof membrane will not have adhered properly to the substrate, a single ply roof will end up with blow-offs and billowing.

Where a problem ends, the solution starts. Blow-offs, tenting, reduced wind resistance and billowing can give you a little monetary burden, but its proper and timely fixing is critically important.

At first, it’s important that you quickly contact an expert to install a temporary roof for two significant reasons.

To provide instant protection with a watertight solution, which can allow the normal continuation of operations.

To allow your building or house owner to go through the insurance process.

Temporary roof system shall be installed within a quick timeframe; however, it is not surely a long-term solution. Moreover, it must not also be warrantied.

Make sure that you quickly get your roof properly evaluated to claim insurance and to determine that which roof system is a best and long-term solution for you and your family. Don’t forget to calculate the environment and insurance coverage.

Meanwhile, you must know that these conditions are prevented usually when shingle self-sealing strips are activated. Shingles should be nailed to a deck, it usually has the adhesive stripes which stick to shingles as the surface gets warm through sunlight.

Never forget to hire the roofers who are aware of the weather patterns while installing or servicing your roofs. Who knows that you might need special rooftop alterations, which can remain stable for many years from now. That is the reason that you should call at (734) 225-2525. Tittle Brothers Construction will assist you with our expert local knowledge in getting the best, safe and secure rooftops.

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