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Feasible Ways to Reduce Blistering [Request Free Quote]

It is a common human behaviour that he/she runs from expensive investments or hassles. Roof maintenance is one of them. Due to all the work involved in its maintenance and upkeep, the owners run from it. However, what they don’t realize is that detecting problems even a bit earlier can save them from emergency roofing repairs or complete roof replacement. It can substantially reduce their expenses. No matter, if the roofing problems are obvious or subtle, they can really end up costing you a big chunk of money. Sometimes these problems are inevitable as the roof also have a limited bearing attitude against all the harsh elements rolling around with the wind. However, at some points, you can save yourself by just paying very little.

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Among some small problems which if ignored can cost you a lot is blistering. Blistering, ridging, splitting and surface erosion are symptomatic with built-up roofs (BUR). Even though blisters are not always worth driving our attention and fixing but one of the significant sizes must be addressed. Causes of blistering include:

  •    Improper attachment of hot bituminous roof systems due to heated asphalt to an unsuitable temperature can lead to blistering. Not only this but the problems can even extend to slipping of felts and accelerated ageing.
  •    Blisters can also result from bald inter-ply integrity and dry laps.

If you notice even minimal blistering on your shingles, you must take these steps to mitigate the risk of replacing your roof.

  •    First, you should carefully inspect your roof to check the extent of the damage. If the shingles haven’t lost their granules, then leaking might be just an immediate issue and you can still skip the major repairs. Just avoid walking on the affected shingles. Moreover, just trim any overhanging branches that could possibly drop twigs on the roof and force the blisters to burst.
  •    Though the above short-term solution can postpone the repairs of your roof, you have to ultimately call an expert roofer to replace the blistered shingles before the snowfall. Snow can force the blisters to burst eventually leading to open up large and visible holes letting in the moisture and reducing the aesthetic beauty of your roof.
  •    Once you are done with removing the shingles, don’t forget to use adequate shingle adhesive to prevent water from seeping under brand new shingles. This can lead to the blistering problem to recur.
  •    Lastly, revamp your attic ventilation and roof insulation to prevent heat retaining.

Not only blistering but other likely issues regarding roofs can be minimized or resolved through quality installation, consistent maintenance and early detection of problems. It must be followed by regular inspections and research while hiring the roofing contractor. It can substantially prevent the roof from early ageing and destruction. Though problems come with age as same as humans the way these problems are addressed actually determine the fate and future of your roof. Of course, don’t forget to contact an expert company like Tittle Brothers Construction to help you with reducing blistering issues. Call us at (734) 225-2525.


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