Roof repairing or new installation? How to decide?

Installation and repairing of a roof is a big decision because it involves a cost and time as well. There are certain parameters which need to the observed while installing a new roof. The choice of installation and repairing is heavily depended on the material of the roof. Metal is a long lasting and a wind resistant material and not required time to time replacement and installation. On the other hand, Asphalt is not wind resistant, and strong wind can damage it heavily. In this condition the new installation is inevitable. The most suitable decision making criteria’s for the customer are as follows. 

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New installation option?

There are certain reasons behind the installation of new roof. Firstly,  the customer wants to increase the value of the home then new installation is necessary. Sometimes, new installation enhances the real-estate value of the home then the new roof installation is a viable option even if there is not any major damage in the roofing material as well. Secondly, the new installation is inevitable in the case of severe damage of shingles in the roofing material. Asphalt is not a wind resistant material and a strong wind some time results in the severe loss. At last, the decision of the replacement of roofing material some time needs a new installation. A customer at a time wants to remodel the house to gain the fresh looks, and the new installation is necessary in this case. Besides several reasons, it is costly task and a hard decision for the customer point of view. Roof repairing is good enough at some time and more importantly if the small deficiencies and damages are observed.

Roof repair 

Customer normally goes for repair due to the cost factor. Moreover, roof repair is good enough in certain cases. Firstly, repair is good if minor damage occurs. The good roofing company inspect the roof and guide the customer about the condition of the damage. Secondly, if the roof is on the newer side, then there is no need for new installation. At times, there is some damage observed in the material but, it does look well if it is repaired properly. At last, if the roof is not observed any leakage, then no replacement and the new installation is required. Sometimes the customer is quite confused between the choices of repair and installation. In this case, the inspection of leakage is a very good option if there is no leakage in the roofing material then, no need an installing a new one because repairing is the best possible solution in this case.

On the whole, the installation and repairing by professional roofer is a big decision in the case of roofing. The repairing does not make any difference if it is a first time repair. However, the time to time repair make the material weak  and in this case, the new installation is required which cost almost more than double as compared to the repairing. The decision depends on the customer affordability and choice.

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