10 Signs You Need a Roof Replacement In Michigan

When the roof gets damaged, most people opt to repair them rather than replace. However, it reaches a point when roof replacement becomes the better option than regular roof repair. Roof repair may appear affordable, but it actually is very expensive in the long run . On the contrary, roof replacement can save you all the stress and costs associated with regular repairing of your damaged roof.

Ten Roofing Signs that can help you replace or repair your Roof:

The following are the major warning signs you should look out for, indicating that your roofing system needs a replacement;

Several Roof Replacements in Your Neighborhood

There is a high probability that all the homes in your neighborhood were constructed in the same time-period. This means that the homes in your neighborhood have almost the same age, hence, their roofing systems will require a replacement in a similar time-frame. Therefore, if you have noticed your neighbors replacing their roofs, this could be an indication that your roofing system also needs a replacement.

Deteriorating Shingles

Roofing shingles are usually exposed to elements, therefore, tend to deteriorate over time. As these deteriorate, they shed granule-like substances, which usually fall on the roof gutters. Therefore, when cleaning your gutters, you should always look for any fallen shingle granules. The more the shingle granules, the more urgently you should replace your roof. The presence of shingle granules on the roof gutters is a clear indication that your roofing system is fast approaching the end of its life span.

Curled and Buckled Shingles

Curling and buckling of roof shingles is usually caused by hot weather conditions, or even regular exposure of the roof to moisture. Aging of the roofing system can also cause curling and buckling of the shingles. Immediately you notice your roof shingles start to buckle, you are encouraged to call a roofing contractor. The contractor will check the roofing materials, and therefore determine if your roof needs a replacement or not.

Discoloration of the Roof

Roofing systems are not only long lasting, but also have a high resistance to corrosion and discoloration. Therefore, if you notice any discoloration of your roof, you need not take this sign for granted. The roof discoloration could be dark patches on the roof. These dark patches indicate that your roof is deteriorating, mainly due to much exposure of the roof to UV rays and precipitation. Hence, when you notice any discoloration on the roof, it is time to call a roofing company/contractor.

The Roof Has Bald Spots

Missing shingles tend to form bald spots on the roofing system. Rainwater, or melted snow, can then seep through these bald spots into the house. The seeped water causes a lot of damage on the house. For instance, the water rots the building wood, and also provides the optimal environment for the development of mold and mildew. When this happens, repairing the roof won’t do you any good, no matter how many times you repair it. So, when you notice any missing shingles on your roof, call a roofing company for roof replacement.

The Roof’s Warranty Period

Each roofing system has a warranty. Most of the roof shingles installed today come with a warranty of 15 years. However, there are more premium shingles which are provided with a warranty of 35 or more years. No matter what type of roofing shingles you have installed, you should regularly check your warranty period and know how old the roof is. If you notice that the end of your roof’s warranty period is approaching, then this means that your roof is old and needs a replacement soon.

Sunlight in the Attic

The simplest way to find out whether your roofing system has a problem, is by going to the attic then looking for any traces of sunlight. If you notice even the slightest traces of sunlight penetrating through the surface of the roof, then this means that your roof does have a problem. Note that air and sunlight penetrating through the vents of the attic does not mean that the roof is damaged; the vents are designed to allow this. However, no sunlight should shine through the surface of the roof, which is why this should be taken as a warning sign indicating the need for a roof replacement.

Presence of Sags, Waves and Dips on the Roof Line

The sagging and dipping of a roof is a sign of a slow roof leak. Slow roof leaks gradually deteriorate the wood structure on the roofing system. The most dangerous thing about slow roof leaks is that they can actually happen for many years, damaging the roofing system without being noticed. Therefore, if you see any sags, waves or dips on your roofing system, then you should have it checked for any roof leaks. The presence of roof leaks are most likely to call for a roof replacement.

Spongy Areas on the Roof

From time to time, carefully walk on your roof and check for any sections that feel spongy. Roofing systems are supposed to be very solid and stable. If you step on an area that feels spongy, or rebounds as a trampoline, this could be an indication of roof damage caused by water. Also, you can look for puddles of water on the roof. When you see these, you should hire a roofing contractor to determine the level of damage on the roof. Of course, much damage will require a roof replacement.

Moss and Other Debris on the Roofing System

If your house is built near trees and other vegetation, this might cause a problem to your roof. Tree branches may fall on the roof, or the leaves build up. This may lead to failing of the roofing system. If your home is located in such an environment, regularly check your roof. Regular falling of branches and build up of leaves on the roof may call for a roof replacement in the long run.


Have you noticed one or more of the above discussed warning signs on your roof? If yes, then you need not waste any time, as doing so could cost you and your loved ones a home. Call our roofing company as soon as possible, and we will be glad to save your home.

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