Roof Shingles option for Michigan Weather & Warning signs for Roof Repair

The weather in Michigan can be seen changing now and then as there is quite a famous saying regarding Michigan’s weather “if you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes”. People living in Michigan seem to stay prepared for experiencing all kinds of weather in a day starting from being sunny to windy to rain that might change into hail or thunderstorm. This preparation includes choosing the right type of roof shingles. Roofs of Michigan homes need to be ready to face all types of climate changes hence consulting the professionals is one of the essentials.

Types of specialty roofs in Michigan

There are different types of roofing used in Michigan to deal with the changes in the weather.

1.     Asphalt Shingle Roofing: made up of mat usually fiberglass, the asphalt, and ceramic granules, is the most popular type of choice among the people of Michigan due to their durability and low cost. They can come in several variations of colors combination and styles. Asphalt shingles are flexible in dealing with all kinds of weather and can stand up to any kind of impact. May it be extremely cold weather these shingles will keep the house well insulated keeping the warm air within the house. It is important to consult the professionals regarding the installation of the asphalt shingles as they exist in different grades and the low-quality ones can have a deteriorating impact on your roof..

2.     Roll roofing for residential homes: is mainly used for re-roofing of the flat roofs. The main types of materials used in making roll roofing are quite similar to those of asphalt shingles such as felt, tar and asphalt. They may be considered as cheaper than asphalt shingles but are thinner and less durable. With the right kind of professional advice, the property owners may choose the rubber roofing or asphalt roll roofing as both are designed for different shaped roofs such as one is for pitched roofs and the other for flat roofs.

3.     Metal Roofing: since Michigan’s biggest challenge is the changes in the weather specifically the thunderstorms and the snow, metal roofing comes handy while dealing with such types of weather conditions. Hence this is one of the popular choices among the property owners and is often suggested by the professional roofing companies. They cannot only withstand any kind of climate but also last for 40-70 years. One of the other add on for using the metal roof is its lightweight as once the current metal roof is torn off a new one can be replaced on top with the help of the experts saving you the cost of taking off the existing roof.

4.     Slate Roof: are famous due to their longevity and the requiring least amount of maintenance. It has a tough resistance against extreme wind, high and low temperature with the ability to boost up the value of your property as it is considered to be the most expensive material used in roofing. Hence is used mostly by the commercial buildings that lack no funds. The slate roof has this major quality where they do not absorb water therefore regardless of the heavy amount of rain you might face in Michigan slate roofing installed by the experts will have you covered from all kinds of possible leakages.

5.  Tile roofing: several times when the property owners wish to choose from a vast variety of designs for their roofing; tile roofing is suggested by the roofing companies as it comes in many different colors. This type of roofing material is close to the slate roof but is made up of ceramic material that can withstand Michigan’s hot and cold weather. Tile roofing is also recommended by the experts as it is fireproof and comes handy in case there is a lot of dry debris around the roof.

Importance of asphalt shingles in Michigan

With the famous unpredictable weather of Michigan, you will start with a nice warm day and by lunchtime; you’ll be amid squalls of wind ending the day with heavy rainfall. Now the similar happens in winters when a normal day turns into snow storm struck day with extreme temperatures. With these harsh temperatures, you need to make a wise decision with investing in your roof. You’ve made a pretty house now you can’t have an unmatched roof ruining the outlook of your house; with this comes the asphalt roof in various options to customize and choose from.

Asphalt roofs are one of the most common types of roofs used in Michigan. They come with a bearable cost with good durability and outlook of your house. The asphalt in the shingles will take care of all the damage from hail, windstorms, and snow and will protect your roof from leakages ensuring a well-insulated house in both summer and winters saving you the energy bills. The asphalt shingles are resistant to the Michigan weather and their installation and repair are equally easy and convenient.

It is always recommended to contact a professional if you’re having trouble deciding what roof to install since it will cost you a lot.

Signs to replace roofs

There are times when your roof has fulfilled its period and needs to be replaced, but then there are times as well when an urgent roof replacement is required. In the first case, it is always recommended to replace your roof during early spring to early fall is the friendliest of the seasons in Michigan. However, in the latter case don’t wait and just contact a roofing specialist and immediately have your roof replaced because the longer it stays wrecked at the top the more damage it will cause to your structure.

The biggest sign to look for while keeping an eye on your roof is any signs of leakages or the roof fading out. The longer the leakages stay the bigger the damage would be. When your roof starts leaking contact your local roofing contractor and get a consult and repair done but if the damage is bigger they’ll let you know and you should always get it replaced immediately.

With routine cleaning watch out for what you clear out in the gutters. If you find any granules more than usual, it’s time for getting that roof replaced. Shingles weaken over time and more shedding means the important bits have gone out.

Usually in a neighborhood houses are built around the same time. When you notice your neighbors getting their roof replaced, that’s another sign for you that it might be time for yours to be replaced too considering it has lived the years it was planned to. Plan and get a timely booking done to avoid extreme weather conditions.

If a lot of shingles are either missing or have loosened up, curled or broken, it’s time to get the roof replaced. With time the shingles are likely to get loosen up or get cracked or broken. A large portion being damaged is a sign that it is time you plan your roof replacement. Bald patches around the shingles could be another sign to watch out for.

Dense Moss growth can also cause damage in the layers and retain moisture leading to structural damage. If your roof is densely covered with moss you should consider a roof replacement. Contact your local roofing contractor and get that roof replaced timely to save you more damage and seasonal busy-ness too.


For all your roofing issues or suggestions, always reach out to a professional roofing company to help you save huge reinvestment costs and fix your roofing problems. A professional contractor will be able to guide you with the best and cost-effective solution for your roof maintenance adding more years to your roof’s life. Asphalt shingle roofs require maintenance and a professional can solve your worries if you schedule your maintenance checks with them.

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