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How to fix Curling shingles Roofing problems in Farmington Hills

There may be may be many reasons for your roof leak especially if you are living in Farmington, where tough weather conditions can cause damage to your roof.Curling shingles is most common reason of roof leaks that occur due to tough weather conditions or lack of regular Roof maintenance work that is vital for homeowners of Farmington Hills. 

When Should I Fix Curling Shingles?

As a homeowner if you notice curling shingles then you must address the issue to avoid bigger roofing problems.Although, you don’t need to do it in urgency but don’t delay it to more than one month. If more than half of the roofing area shingles are curled then take decision within days because it will expose your roof to further damage and can lead to wood rot or a roof leak. You should expand this time to find the local roofer in Farmington Hills  with expertise and valid license to get the Quotation of the work needed. You should get at least 4 to 5 quotes from your local roofer and compare their cost and working terms. Also check what material they are going to use.

How we can help you Spot and Fix roofing Shingles?

If you installed your roof form us then we offer free maintenance check on your roof periodically.Your roofer can better recommend if you should replace your roof or tear off would be suffice.

Roof tear-off and replacement

The process where we remove old roof layer is called a tear off process. In this roofing process we remove old roof layer till decking and then put new roofing material layer on it. Tear off roof is little complex and take more labor than new roof work because w ehave to first remove old roof and the debris which increase the cost.

In roof replacemeent, roofer job is to entirely chnage the roof shingles with new one. Althout the cost of new roof is expensive but remeemnr that in repalce your roof will get new life aupto 20 years while in tear off your roof will get upt 5 years time.

In simple term. if you are good in budget then roof replacement should be your best option.If you have make u mind to sell your house then you go for tear off option but always confirm the cost before undergoing any method. Take local roofers estimates for tear off and replacement and then see if the difference is small then go for replacement option.

Have a look at some following info that can help you. 

Homeowners must opt for tear-off if the roof shown following signs:

  • If more than one layers of tiles or shingles already exist then it means it already undergone tear off process so no need to repair it again. 
  • The roof is not already repaired and it’s the first time to do repair work. 
  • Check the interior of your roof and check if wood decking needs replacement or repairs. 
  • The roof consists of slate or clay materials, cement tile or wood shakes.

Roofing tear-off pros:

Full Replacement will give your roof additional life span with new look and design which will ultimately lead to increase the worth of your home. With new roof any leaks or damages will go away and will come with new resistance to tough weather conditions. You can pass 15 to 20 years comfortably without any regular repair work.

If you are looking for Roofing Expert in Farmington hills Michigan,You will get:

  • 24/7 Emergency Response Roofing Team on call, year round
  • Complimentary roofing inspections and estimates
  • Affordable financing options and payment plans.
  • Ask for Free Consultation

Roofing tear-off cons:

A tear-off roofing job is likely to cost you extra $1,000 more. Most home owners then opr for overlay roof rather than a full tear off. The extra cost is due to extra labor and debris removal job in tear off roof work.

If your shingles are becoming old enough to require a replacement, so is your underlayment: underlayment is a layer underneath your shingles. Also, because your roofing is older, the underlayment would presumably be felt material that is not nearly as sturdy as the new synthetic materials. Roofing shingles are heavy! With the snow and ice, you already have to be prepared, the last thing you need is extra weight from more than one layer of shingles.

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What Should I Expect With Curling Shingle Repair?

If you contact us quickly after the curling shingles or shingle damage occurred, it may be a very simple fix to replace a small area of shingles on your roof. In the event that you did not notice the curling shingles for quite some time or it was left alone for over a year, a whole roof replacement or additional repairs may be needed.

How Much Does Curling Shingle Repair Cost?

In Michigan cost may vary that depend on the dange of your roof. For small repairs cost may vary form $150 to $400 and for severed damage to your roof cost may vary form $650-$3,000 from moderate to severe damage

Cost depend on varying factors and we will suggest you to call us at 248-525-6950 to get no obligation free estimate.

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