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Tear off or Re-roof ? What Homeowners should opt for?

if it has been more than 5 years then Homeowners should be worried about their roof because it’s the time to get ti checked thoroughly to get it repaired or replaced. It’s the right time to spot the leak and fix it in time. This is the time for a new roof and now you have to decide whether to tear off the old roof shingles and replace it or add new roofing over the existing one. It can be confusing for homeowners but with a few tips you can make informed decision at the right time.

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Consult Local Roofing Company

Local roofer with local building codes know how will be the best roofer selection

First you should check how many layers of roofing material are installed and what you local building codes allow. In Michigan, most of cities no more than two layers of asphalt shingles are allowed. This is because of the reason that adding more than two layers will ring extra weight to the structural that may be risky for the foundations of your home.If you are hiring local roofing company then they must know the local rules of building codes. You can also contact the local building and permit department of your city to ensure you are in compliance with your region’s building codes.

Re-roofing is typically less expensive and less time taken work. It also require less labor cost for cleanup and debris removal.

Material Selection and regional Season:

None all roofing material make equal impact on your home roof.Some roofing materials are better suited to particular areas of the country than others. Asphalt is considered as best known and durable choice in most of the USA environment. In Michigan,asphalt shingles are the best choice where you can expect more life span than other harsh weather areas.

Use GAF and Certianteed Brands which offer warranties as well. Your roofing material will make a big difference to overall roof performance.

When you should opt for Tear off?

A tear-off roofing process requires the complete removal of the old roof and installing new shingles of your choice.If you are good in budget then tear off will give you a new life to your home roof.Once all the material is removed from the existing one then you can access the critical components of the roof. These components like flashings and shields can be repaired or replaced after assessment.to protect against ice damming.

While tear-offs are the more common and recommended options but you should always consult local and experienced roofing contractor to have a final word.You should check your budget constraints as well and decide what roofing plan best suite your needs.Ask for free estimates from multiple roofing companies and decide the next move.

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