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What color to choose for your roof? what Professional Roofers suggest?

HI, hope you all enjoy today’s blog. For most of you its almost time to get a new roof and while getting a new roof there is going to be some before work or pre work which you people are intended to do so, now or in near future in order to get the exact results which you thought of getting and because of that you might feel burdensome, or some might feel excited already!

Well in todays blog I am going to give you some information regarding color scheming that you will enjoy learning and at the same time you are going to getsome useful information as well. So lets start.

Honestly speaking, some of you might be a little nervous for the color selection process because if you choose the color which don’t go with the idea of what you really wanted then later you are going to regret it later. After all its about your roof, which I think has a major role in construction work.

Here are some tips and facts which you should take into consideration while choosing the roof color.

  • Coordination or mix and match of colours: This is the first thing that comes to our mind that what colours should we choose for the roof. We can solve this thing very easily just by having a little knowledge about colour coordination. As in we all know white or blue colour house goes with black and grey colour shingles likewise colour red shingles goes with brown or white house etc. that’s how you colour coordinate while going for roof renewal. Lights colours should be considered as priority when taking temperature into consideration in hot areas or places.
  • Taking care of colour scheming while considering the temperature situation: While getting a plan for installing new shingles you should think about temperature or weather conditions as well in your area. If you are living in  a area where most of the time weather conditions are not friendly enough, means they are too cold or too hot then choose coloursaccordingly. Dark colour roofs are for the places where temperature is cold while light colour roofs are for the hot areas.
  • Colours as the source of energy efficient: Well choosing the colour according to the area’s weather condition will save you from paying high bills. Now you definitely want to know how? And the answer for this query of yours is, as installing light colour shingles in warm temperature areas will save you from high electricity bills as you won’t need fans or air conditioner most of the time.
  • Are light colour roofs are better or dark colour roofs? Dark colour shingles absorbs more heat than light colour shingles. So the best choice will always be light colour shingles, as they don’t absorb to much of the heat. So the light colours are preferred by most of the people.
  • Getting a suggestion from  a professional: Well getting an expert opinion is a good option out there as well for those who are still unsure about how  to choose colour or how to coordinate colours for their roof.


Color scheming or choosing the right color is not a big deal in general but if you still find it difficult choosing the right colors for your roof then consulting a professional will always be a good option or idea. As they will guide you according to your needs and preferences that what colors you like the most and does these colors go exactly with your house color or not.

If you still have any more questions then feel free to ask any of your query by contact us.

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