What Roofing Type best in 2019?

The basic purpose of a roof is to protect a house and to provide shelter to its residents. Besides this purpose, a roof determines the overall appearance of a house and offers an additional living space. Moreover, a roof makes the house energy efficient, resilient, and weatherproof. Therefore, it is essential to select the right kind of roof. This paper delves into various types of house roofing.

Asphalt Roofing Shingles

Often, the architectural design of a house determines which is the best-suited roof . Based on the slope of a roof, two major categories of a roof are flat and pitched. Flat roofs have no pitch. Most types of roofs are sharply or slightly pitched . For instance, a gable roof has a triangular shape and provides vaulted space for the ceiling. Another type of roof is a hip roof which has slopes on all of its sides forming a ridge. Elements of both gable and hip roof are added in another kind of roof named jerkin head roof (Al).

In addition, a mansard roof has a double slope that joins to form a low-pitched roof. Mansard roofs can be concave, convex or straight-angled. A gambrel roof is similar to the mansard roof, but it has only two-sides slopes. Moreover, skillion roof is a single sloping roof and considered as half of a pitched roof (Al). A butterfly roof as the name indicates has two tandem pieces joined in the center to make a V-shaped roof. A bonnet roof is a double slopped roof opposite of mansard. Another creative and contemporary kind of house roofing is a curved roof .

In conclusion, different types of roofs are designed while constructing a house. The slope of a roof and its inclination determine the type of a house roof. Overall, various kinds of house roofs enhance the exquisiteness and durability of a house.

It’s always in your best interest to consult from a professional roofers for better choice.There are many professional roofers who offer free consultation for your home with cost efficient solutions.

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