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6 TIPS and Tricks to Fix Roof Leak in Michigan Area

Leaks in the roofs can be hard to control at times, initially they show up as small leaks leading to big problems. Having problems with a leaky roof? Here are a few tricks and tips on tracking down a leak and fixing it. 

  1. Tracking Down a Difficult Leak

Most of the time leaks can be difficult to track. Enlist a helper and ask him to stay below within the house where the leak appears. Go to the roof with a water hose and start soaking up areas just above where the leak appears. Continue this process for a few minutes and ask your helper to yell when a drip becomes visible or if the area becomes discolored/ water stained.

  1. Replace The Damaged Vents

Broken seams on vents cannot always be fixed with caulk, there is only one remedy to this and that is replacing the damaged vent. Replace missing nails with rubber-washered screws and remove nails under the shingles to pull the vent free. Squeeze out a bead of caulk and screw the bottom in place with rubber-washered screws to hold the shingles down and to create a water barrier.

  1. Remedy for a Small Leak

Most of the time water shows up at a spot on the roof distant from the leak which can make small leaks difficult to locate. As the discoloring is fairly small, look at the underside of the roof for shiners (nails that missed the framing). Moisture below from the rooms can move towards the attic above, which condenses on the cold nails making them look white as they become frosted. When the attic heats up during the day time, the ice melts and drips in the form of water/leaks. The solution is to clip the nails with pliers.

  1. Secure Walls and Dormers

Wind driven rain can often dribble down and enter the roof via dormer walls. Water penetrates through the cracks of caulk between window edges and corner boards. To fix these cracks, dig out the caulk and replace it with siliconized latex caulk. Check for rotting/missing sliding and replace it with new ones. Ensure that the new piece overlaps the step flashing by 2 inches.

  1. Fix Step Flashing

The intersects of the roofs are secured by step flashings. Sometimes the flashing can become rusted, or a piece can come loose such that water will run behind it thus entering the house. For this you have to remove the shingles and replace the step flashings, it’s as simple as that.

  1. Fix Small Holes & Leaks Around Brick Chimneys

Sometimes small holes can appear in the roof from misplaced roofing nails or satellite dish brackets which can lead to rotting and obvious signs of leaking. Small holes can be fixed by flashing or injecting caulk. Chimneys surrounded by flashing can rust through. A long term solution for a rusting chimney is to install new flashing below the rusted one, which will hold back any water that tends to seep through.

If you have a leaky roof, you better fix it immediately as it can cause dire problems in the near future. For further consultation on roof repairing tips contact ROOFING CANTON MICHIGAN.

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