Roof repairing Cost Estimates in Downriver Michigan

Roof repairing Cost Estimates in Downriver Michigan

If we talk about repairing roof cost, it totally depends upon the damage done to your roof and on the complexity level. Furthermore, the average cost of roof damage or repairing lies something between $375-800. But the amount is not fixed because every roof construction and repairing work is different.

Here is what the general estimated cost which you can expect while roof repairing for most of the common roofing problems.

Average Cost of Repairing A Roof

The most common roof repairing cost starts from $350 and can go as high as $1,500 or it can be more, depending upon the roof damage. Professional labour and material charges vary as it alters upon the area and their cost list. 

If we talk about the asphalt shingles roof, they mostly get leaked around loose or tear off shingles, chimneys, flashings, and other infiltration and in valleys.

The best you can do in this situation is after noticing the problem is to change the missing shingle or the damage shingle and flashing, at the leakage area known to be a most common solution. The best way to avoid long term complex roofing problems always act on time to avoid further damage to the roof by constant leakage which will seep deep and will slowly damage the wood beneath the roof. And with time if remains undone can cause a bigger damage like replacing the whole roof instead of a patch work.

Roof repairing Cost Estimates

in Downriver Michigan

Here is a list of prices contractors charge for various jobs:

  • Changing of a few shingles that get damaged by the wind etc and a pipe flashing cost around $200-350.
  • Replacement of skylight flashing and shingles around it as well as adding ice and water shield around the skylight cost $300-450.
  • Almost the same work around the chimney and lead counter-flashing costs $450-700.
  • Redoing a roof costs somewhat between $500-5000 depending upon the area.

Collectively if you want to get every service for your roof then the total items will be less but the total cost will be high. 

How Much Do the Roofers Charge?

Cost totally depends on the skills of the roofer workers and the experience they have till now, and the company they are working with. The more experienced contractor will charge you between $45-75/ per working hour or give a fixed price.

Time taken for the leaky roof is around 1-2 business days if there are no interior damages.

Enhancements and Improvements (Additional Charges)

No matter what repairment work you are thinking about to get done. Always budget for some additional charges that may come up during the repairment work.

Some Repairments Cost List:

Gutter Repairment$10-15 / In.ft.
Downspouts Repairment$35-50 for the first floor and $50 or more for two stories or higher than that
Fixing of Leakyskylights$300-550
Water Stained CeilingRepair$215-350
Fix Broken Flashing$170-300
Damaged Fascia Boards and Soffits Repairment$15-25 / In.ft. (area less than 10 feet)
$10 / In.ft. (if area exceeds from 10 feet)
Install Underlayment$60 / square and up
Apply Roof Sealant$800-1000 for a standard size roof
Roofing Costs

Prices That You Need to Know About Fixing of Popular Roofing Materials

Here is the general cost information that you need to know about the type of roofing you have, or you intended to get.

Usually the type and the area of the roof dictate the cost. For example, premium roofs such as slate and metal will cost significantly more to repair than asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles are more pocket friendly.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles last up to 15 to 40 years, totally depending upon the material used and the quality. They are highly at risk to leaks the reasons behind the infiltration are:

  • When the shingles installation is done incorrectly. 
  • Shingles that are damaged due to wind or any natural disaster.
  • Aging of the roof shingles.

The average cost to repair a shingle roof is around $400-650.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are known to be the most durable roofs out there. They need less maintenance and repair requirements are very low as compared to other roofing. but if in case roof leakage happens then the repairment cost will be around $600-1200

Cedar Shingles and Shakes

Unlike metal roofs, cedar roofs require a lot of maintenance. Although they look beautiful but come along with regular repairments and maintenance issues. Common cedar roof problems include deteriorating of the wood because of moss that build up with time and insect infestation as well as the age of the roof.

Cedar roofing repairment costs you $400-650.

Clay and Concrete Tile

They are highly recommended because they last longer. Clay and concrete tiles are water-resistant to leaks. However, in some cases leaks do happen but that is unlikely to happen. And the most common cause for the leaks are cracked tiles. 

The repairment cost lies somewhat around $350-450 to change the broken tiles. The only challenge you are going to face will be to find the matching tile with the previous one. 

EPDM Rubber

EPDM rubber is one of the most reasonable and cheap flat roofing membranes out there till now. Along with the pro it also comes with the con that is they are most likely prone to leakage than any other roof. The most common reasons are glue failure due to roof aging, failure due to improper installation, and ponding water.

The price for fixing the leaky EPDM roof will run about $300-500.

Note: ponding water issues can only be solved by changing the whole roof.

PVC or TPO (single ply membrane)

PVC and TPO are unaffected by the ponding water or leaks. They are designed to have heat welded seams. PVC and TPO needs repairment when it gets holes in membrane, voids that are caused by bad welds.

The repair cost for patching up the TPO or PVC membrane is $300-500.

Factors That Involves an Increase of Repairing Charges

  1. Extent in leakage repairment.
  2. Complexity of the roof design and high pitch roofs.
  3. Location (usually in cities the repairment costs a bit higher than in towns).
  4. Weather and time of the year.


Roof damage is some serious problem and taking action on time will save your money and as well as the full roof changing cost too. regular check on the broken shingles, regular cleaning of the roof are must. roof repairing cost change with time  sometimes homeowners insurance covers roof repairing cost. Most of them cover things like wind, hail and fallen tree damages. but insurance usually does not cover leaks caused by lack of maintenance, aging factor. Each insurance policy is different and always looks out for what is best for you.

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