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Can I install skylights in a shingles roof?

Skylights or sometimes called a rooflight are supposedly placed to achieve good lighting along with a good day time view, skylights are good for ventilation purposes. Skylights are located on the roof, so they can result in unwanted summertime solar heat gain and wintertime heat loss. Manufacturers use various glazing technologies to reduce these impacts, including heat-absorbing tints, insulated glazing, and low-emissivity (low-e) coatings. Some manufacturers even install a translucent insulation material, such as aerogel, between several glazing layers to create a more thermally efficient assembly. 

A skylight really does wonders in your home whether you want them in your lounge or in one of your rooms. In case you want skylight in one of your home parts or an area, for that you have to make sure to choose the right kind of skylight in that way you will be able to achieve your desired goal. If you want skylight in your home for lightning purposes or if you want skylight to increase the ceiling height or for an architectural statement.

When you give a thorough look into the skylights you will see different types and shapes of skylights not only that but the installation methods also differ from each skylight type. The wide variety of glass skylight includes glazing, covers, and shades. 

  • Pros and Cons of Skylights:

Pros Includes:

  1. skylights make your home space look larger.
  2. They also give your room a bright day light.
  3. They are also known for ventilation of humid rooms.
  4. They look more stylish than the normal roof which is without skylights.

Cons Includes:

  1. While choosing a skylight always go for a good quality skylight otherwise if you will choose the poor quality skylight or cheap skylight you will end up ruining your furniture from the direct sunlight plus harsh UV rays. 
  2. Skylights may result in a leakage or condensation. You can avoid this problem by choosing the right kind of skylight for your home which suits and is installed well.
  • Different Types of Skylights:
  1. Fixed Skylights:

As clear from the name fixed skylights are installed in a way that they don’t get open. They provide a view and a bright day light. They are generally placed in a house whose ceiling is higher than the normal roof. Also fixed skylights do not provide humidity control for your home where the skylight is installed.

  1. Vented Skylights:

Vented skylights are somehow similar to the fixed skylights but the vented skylights can be opened manually or by electronic control. Vented skylights are a great option where the humidity level is higher than normal. Vented skylights provide moisture control in places like the kitchen where the cooking steam humidity level is a bit too high and in bathrooms where the warm water runs in the tap. Vented skylights are pricey than the fixed skylights.

  1. Tubular Skylights:

Tubular skylights are also known to be the solar skylights. These skylights are meant to catch the light and at the same time to reflect it. They are for homes which are smaller than usual, the area or spaces where you can install tubular skylights are bathrooms, hallways and closets. Solar skylights are easy to install in the attic or roof which are covered by wiring and venting. Tubular skylights do not provide the outside view like skylight windows.

  • Advantages of Tubular skylights:
  • Tubular skylights have dimmers to control the lights they provide.
  • They also have exhaust fans which are great to control moisture from the air.
  • Tubular skylights do have the filter which controls the excessive UV rays out from getting inside the house results in no furniture damage.
  • If you are concerned about privacy then getting a tubular skylight is a go to choice.

4. Deck-Mounted Skylights:

Deck mounted skylights are installed by professionals, they are a bit complicated to install. They are made up of extruded aluminium steel which one way or other should be connected  to the rest of the roof. For installing a deck mounted skylights it is important to hire a roofing professional as this instalment requires a professional knowledge about the instalment for example in deck mounted skylights the extruded steel must be connected to the rest of the roof not only that the professional has to make sure that the deck mounted skylight works along with the roof instead of away from the roof or against the roof.

  1. Curb-Mounted skylights:

They are mostly chosen by the people who live in an area where there is heavy rain and storms occur more than usual. They prevent leaks and other damages which occur due to leaks. They are expensive if we compare them with the deck-mounted skylights but also they come with an advantage of providing more glass area.  When installing a curb-mounted skylights make sure that they should be double walled and insulated to help in maintaining the heat amount in the house.

If you want to have a skylight installed in your home always consult a roofing professional. You can contact us by calling on the provided number 734-526-4955 to get the job done properly or leave a comment for your concern under this blog post.

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